Tiffany grew up in the Seattle area in a time when the Super Sonics were huge and Starbucks was just a store at the end of the Market. Tragedy stuck early in her life as her family moved to New Jersey mere months before Bon Jovi’s “Slippery When Wet” album hit record stores. It took nearly a decade to wean herself off the hairspray. But Seattle called her back, so she went; eventually earning a degree in Botany (pronounced “Bar tending”) at the University of Washington.

She made one more valiant attempt to leave the PNW after college by travelling around the country doing not much of value and making very stupid decisions. She is thankful every day that the internet was not a huge deal in those years. Then Seattle called again so she picked up and moved home where she spent many years being a scientist of middling talent in several labs that she absolutely did not blow up—except for that one time and everyone agreed we wouldn’t talk about that any more.

Now she divides her time between writing, kids, dogs, a foodie hubbs and crafty stuff that usually involves dirt.

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2 Responses to Bio

  1. Andrea Eberly says:

    Hey, it was awesome meeting you tonight at GO dinner non-Zorg extravaganza. Couldn’t find you on FB in a way I could ‘friend you’ only ‘subscribe’. Anyway would love to get to know you guys better—we love movies(sorry, FILMS) and nerdy stuff. Cheers!

  2. Andrea Eberly says:

    oh yeah, and I don’t think GO was talking about this:
    when he was talking about John Hurt’s accomplishments. hehe

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