Audio Book Review: Love Among the Chickens

By P.G. Wodehouse, narrated by Jonathan Cecil

In “Love Among the Chickens” we are introduced to Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge, a great mastodon of a man who charges through life and lives of several other people, as though it were a race to see who can upset the most tea-carts. He’s not the main character, but he is everyone’s main problem.

Jerry Garnet, the actual main character, is bustled into the chicken farm business with his old school-chum Ukridge. Ukridge, the protagonist? Perhaps he’s the antagonist? I’m not sure. Booming through blunder and guffaw without prejudice, Ukridge ends up getting Garnet into more trouble than a barrel full of weasels. Certainly it was not a barrel full of monkeys. But in the end the guy gets the girl, the bills get paid and the professor wins at golf. And miraculously, Ukridge somehow comes out looking like the capable dashing hero that he consistently professes himself to be. Who’da thunk it.
 A very sweet story.

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