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Beer Simplified.

Theoretical Step One:    Sterilize all equipment. Actual Step One:    Wander aound the house looking for beer log, carboy, air lock and sanitizer. Swear lightly. Step 1.5:    Give up trying to find old beer log, start new. Realize you are … Continue reading

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More proof, if you need it.

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Too awesome for words…

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Everyone hates Super-Fast Zombies

Incidentally, one of my top five of my all-time biggest fears. In order, they are: Being possessed by the devil Chucky (or: things that should not be animated, becoming animated) Looking out a window at night and/or looking in a … Continue reading

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The Time Bandits Speech

You know at the end of Time Bandits when the kid has just conquered the big bad guy in his Lego fortress and he’s zipped back to reality and his mom, amid the ruin and rubble of the house walks … Continue reading

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